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4 Podcasts that will fuel your #GirlBoss energy

Updated: Feb 9

With everyone stuck inside during this quarantine, all we have is time. Time to sit and ponder about where we belong in the world. Time to work on a side hustle or finally finish that book that has been collecting dust on the shelf. Or even time to relax and do absolutely nothing. Whatever you choose to do with your time during this chaotic time, it is important to take control of your learning.

Something I have been listening to on a daily basis is podcasts. Podcasts help you learn about topics you're interested in and listen to the stories and journies of many powerful individuals across the globe. Throw on a podcast as you work away at a project or even during your downtime to relax and stay engaged in your learning process. Here are four podcasts that I love that will help fuel your #GirlBoss energy.

Girl Boss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

This engaging podcast has been on repeat for me this past few weeks. Each episode features an inspirational woman who is thriving in their career or maybe took a risk and started their own business. Listen to both the professional and personal struggles of these Women in Business. If you are looking for a motivating podcast that will leave you with a fiery desire to work on your side hustle or achieve your goals, Girl Boss Radio is a go-to.

Great Women in Business by Parcast

If you're looking for an interesting listen but don't want all this commitment, I recommend this special limited-run series by Parcast. With only 12 episodes, you don't have to worry about listening back in every so often to find out more. Great Women in Business spotlights incredible stories of women who have experienced astronomical careers, failures, and critical decision making. It is a great choice if you plan on navigating the business world in the future.

Glambition with Ali Brown

Ali Brown will inspire you to not settle for anything but the best. She brings incredible insight through her experience as an entrepreneur and through the successful females she interviews on a weekly basis. Listening to the interactions on Glambition Radio will inspire you to dream big and give great advice that we as leaders can utilize in the future. Throw on this podcast when you need extra motivation or to remind yourself of your potential!

Ted Talks Daily

Staying informed is imperative to our success. It is good to continue to stay in tune with the world and to have a level of curiosity that needs to be fostered. If you want a quick and easy podcast that you can put on during your morning routine, this is the podcast for you. Ted Talks Daily does not necessarily fit the 'Women in Business' atmosphere that the other podcasts adhere to, but it is still informative and good for continuous learning. These daily podcasts usually range from 10-20 minutes and are perfect to implement into your day.

Written by Hannah Oegema

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