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5 Ways to Destress after Exams

Updated: Apr 14

Many students have spent sleepless nights in libraries or at home studying for exams and term papers in order to obtain good semester grades, and the last few weeks have been particularly stressful for them. Some of you might be in your final semester of college, which makes things even more difficult!

So, after a few weeks of intensive studying, how do you relieve tension and de-stress? Let's take a look at 5 ways to calm your body and mind.


Napping is helpful to the mind. Finals can be exhausting, so what better way to unwind than to curl up under the covers and catch some z's?

2. Do something fun

This is something that many people obviously do not do, regardless of how quiet it is kept. It's important to give your brain a break, particularly if you've had multiple finals on the same day. Read a book or go out on a walk with a friend. Activities like these can help your brain and body take a break from the madness of semester exams.

3. Exercise

It's always a good idea to get a fast jog or do yoga/meditation after a stressful situation. Nothing beats an energizing workout for taking your mind off finals and the pressures of learning. Yoga is a form of modality that focuses on letting go of all of life's worries. It involves breathing and calming, as well as meditation, which cleanses the mind, body, and spirit and forces you to let go of all the tension associated with finals.

4. Movie Marathon

Pick a couple of your favourite movies and spend a day on the sofa simply watching the classics whether the weather is cold, or you simply want to spend a day at home.

5. Reward Yourself

After all, you've worked hard for it! Relax and unwind with a massage, chill out in the sauna and watch your worries float away in the jacuzzi, buy that dress/suit you saved to buy for or catch up on a movie/show that you have missed watching due to exams. You've put in a lot of effort, so reward yourself.

Written by: Drashti Shah

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