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6 Self Care Tips for Your Mental Wellbeing

Updated: Feb 9

As students with our busy lives, we often overlook taking care of our mental wellbeing. In light of Bell, Let's Talk this week, we are highlighting a few practices that can be implemented and incorporate in your daily routine to ensure you are taking care of your mental health and implementing self-care practices.

Below are a few practices you can adopt to boost your mood and give yourself the self-care you deserve.

Nourish your social life- its important to stay connected to the people in your life-talk to a friend, go for a walk or make a phone call! Social interactions will boost your mood. If friends or family is not an option, you can always join a club at school, or attend an event or group within your community.

Mindfulness – practising mindfulness allows you to practice being in the moment and is very therapeutic to many. This practice helps you become aware of your emotion’s and feelings. Mindfulness can take many forms such as journaling, meditation even walking.

Get into nature & Keep activegoing for a walk in nature can help ease your mind and reduce anxiety which helps you relax. Nature is a calming force and which makes you relaxed and feeling grounded.

Do something you love- find something you enjoy and do it! Whether it be cooking, reading, dancing, or drawing. Doing something you enjoy is proven to help boost your mood and works as a stress reliever.

Eat well- Make time to eat a balanced and nutritious meal- this also includes staying hydrated, and drinking water. This will give you more energy and help you think clearly

Rest- sometimes all it takes is rest! A good night’s sleep can help boost your mood and help cope with stress. Rest can even take the form of relaxing while watching your favourite Netflix show or movie.

It is important to find techniques that work for you and that benefit your mental health! Everyone has unique needs and preferences. We encourage you to try out a few different practices to allow you to determine which techniques are best for you!

Written by Kaitlyn Brown

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