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How To Make Your Resume POP!

Whether you are trying to land an internship, executive roles at university clubs, part-time or full-time positions, resumes are important. Resumes are like your own personal advertisements where you showcase your skills, education, and experiences, in order to make an impression for a chance to get an email for an interview. Although there is no magical method to make a perfect document, I can provide you with 5 tips that will help to improve your resume.

1. Delete that objective statement:

Yes, you read that right. You need to delete your resume objective as the employers know that your main purpose for sending the resume is to get that job making this section irrelevant. Instead start your resume off with a short professional summary that highlights your job history, years of experience, expertise and major achievement.

2. Remove the Reference part at the end of your resume:

Like the point above, it is common sense that the references will be available upon request which also makes this section unnecessary. You can even take out actual references you have and fill that empty space with another skill or experience that will help uplift your resume.

3. Customize the resume each time you send it to a company:

You CANNOT send the same resume to different companies with different jobs. Rather, you need to spend time making the resume suitable for the position you are applying for. As you apply for different jobs, read the job description for keywords that show what the employer is looking for in an ideal candidate. Match your resume with the keywords, skills and qualifications required in the position you are applying for. This makes the employer aware of how you relate to the role and emphasizes your expertise.

4. Add accomplishments:

While it is important to write about your responsibilities and experiences on your resume, it is also equally important to mention your accomplishments. Most position titles and the first few bullet points let the hiring managers know what you did in that position. Hiring managers do not just what to know what you did, but instead, want to know what you accomplished in your previous positions. To provide them with this, make sure you mention your best accomplishments throughout your resume to make your resume stand out from other candidates.

5. Proofread:

Lastly, your resume needs to be free of grammatical errors, typos, and spelling errors. Failure to do so will show the employer that you do not care about the role and company, you lack attention to detail (which is a must-have skill in most jobs) or that you cannot write effectively. Proofreading is mandatory and can be done by reading the resume out loud, use a text-to-speech tool on MS Word or have someone else review it for you.

Writing a perfect resume is not easy but the more time and effort you put into making it better, the more callbacks, interviews and job offers you will receive. So what are you waiting for? Take your resume out and get started now.

Written by: Ammara Farooq

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