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Mindset is Everything - 5 Simple Ways to Change the Way You See Things

Your mindset comes into play in every area of your life. It has the power to make you feel incredible but just as quickly can make you feel the exact opposite. Your mind controls your thoughts, and your thoughts are what create your reality. The way you experience your life and its challenges on a day-to-day basis will be determined by the quality of your thoughts, which is a direct representation of your mindset. The more you can channel your thoughts to a more appreciative and inspiring place, the easier it becomes to be grateful for each moment and each experience for what it is. The more you become conscious in redirecting your thoughts towards a place of appreciation and empowerment, the more your behaviours will reflect that mindset and how you experience life situations and challenges.

Below are five simple and helpful methods to change your mindset. As you read through these tips, remember, cultivating the right mindset won't come overnight or by practicing these methods one time. Changing your mindset takes consistency and practice, just like any other habit. Stay with it and watch yourself flourish.

Take time to notice your thoughts

This may sound simple and a bit silly, considering we hear everything that runs through our heads, but just because we are hearing it doesn't mean we are taking time to notice and process those thoughts. If you aren't aware of what you're thinking about, you cant change it. Pay close attention to what runs through your head, what you think about when you feel bored, what you say to yourself throughout the day, how you react when someone upsets you, the default messages that fly through your mind daily. Pay close attention to these things. Taking a moment to step back and acknowledge the thoughts in your head is the first step to change your mindset. Remember, you can't change something you don't know is there. The more you become aware of your thoughts, the more you'll realize that not only do you have complete control over them but that they don't define you. They aren't facts. You are separate from them.

Replace the negative thoughts with a truth

To change your mindset, you need to introduce a new thought pattern. At any point, we can instantly redirect our thought pattern by thinking the exact opposite. At any point when you notice a negative thought entering the mind, immediately think of the opposite, the truth. This technique can help you see the good in every situation and help you channel your thoughts towards that place of positivity and appreciation. For example, I'm sure at some point we've all complained about school and how much work it is. So in this situation, instead of seeing it from a negative point of view, try flipping your perspective and remind yourself how fortunate we are to be in school and how grateful we are for these learning opportunities.

Develop an abundant mindset

Having an abundant mindset means you truly believe there is always enough. It's learning to be happy with where you are and trusting the process of what is to come instead of always thinking into the future and wanting more, thinking there is never enough (scarcity mindset). An abundant mindset allows you to see that things are happening for you and not to you. This doesn't mean that individuals with abundant mindsets don't face challenges in their lives; it just means they think and view those challenges differently from someone with a scarcity mindset.

A few things to keep in mind when developing an abundant mindset:

  • There is more than enough time

  • You come from a place of giving

  • There is enough opportunity for you AND others

  • You welcome competition and feel inspired by them


This is one of my favourite ways to flip my mind. If you repeat something enough, you will start to believe it. Try repeating some of these affirmations to yourself and notice how they affect the mind:

  • I control my life. My life doesn't control me

  • Everything is happening for a reason

  • I am enough

  • I am not my thoughts

Ask yourself hard questions:

Your brain is programmed like a computer, and if you ask it a negative question, it will come up with a negative answer. If you ask yourself positive questions, you'll get a positive response! Try asking yourself some of these questions to get thoughts flowing through your mind and then take a moment to reflect on the responses that came up for you. Notice are they positive or negative?

  • What can I do today to move me closer to my goals?

  • What do I need to know to reach my goals?

  • If I couldn't fail, what would I accomplish?

The deeper the questions you can ask yourself, the more you will connect with yourself and learn more about who you truly are.

By using these techniques, you can change your mindset to create a more inspiring and positive life for yourself. It worked for me, and my life is so much better because of it! Your mindset is your most powerful tool, so use it! You've got this!

Love & Light,


Written by: Mikayla Pauli

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